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9 Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets You Need To Know!

9 Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets You Need To Know!

Take a quick Makeup History lesson from some of Old Hollywood's most iconic stars. Some trends are meant to last a lifetime. Here are a few beauty secrets that will help glam up your look.

Audrey Hepbrun

For flirty lashes, separate each individual lash after applying mascara with a pin or tweezers like Audrey Hepburn.

Bette Davis

Under Eye moisture is key like Bette Davis' coveted bright eyes using petroleum jelly under the eyes to combat dark circles.

Dorothy Dandrige

Full but groomed eyebrows with a defined arch like Dorothy Dandrige to frame your face with a more youthful look.

Carol Lombard

Straighten your nose like Carol Lombard did with a thin line of highlight down the centre of the nose. Illusion of light. 

Marilyn Monroe

To make your lips look fuller, use different shades and coats of lipstick like Marilyn Monroe. Lighter more orange red colour in the centre and deeper shades of red around the corners and edges. It is a play on light that will make your lips look full and luscious.

Vivien Leigh

Thin lips? Rather than over-lining your entire lip, give yourself a larger pout like Vivien Leigh.

Elizabeth Taylo

Its not only men using the razor for facial hair now-a-days. For a natural glow, shave your face like Elizabeth Taylor. Get rid of that peach fuzz

Mae West

Coconut oil is your best friend when it comes to facial moisture like Mae West for a youthful glow.

Sophia Loren

Dry skin? Put a bit of olive oil in your bath to keep skin soft and luminous like Sophia Loren.

Next time you're doing your makeup routine or simply pampering yourself try out a few of these tips from Old Hollywood's most iconic women.


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