What Is Micellar Water?

Photo from TheSkinCareEdit.com

Photo from TheSkinCareEdit.com

The beauty world has been obsessed with this magical water lately. I had to get my hands on some to try for myself, but before I did, I did some research about Micellar. I received a few questions about Micellar so I decided to put it together for you beauties in this handy-dandy info post. 

surfactant molecule

The most important thing you need to know is that Micellar water is made up of these smart molecules called surfactants. These molecules are double sided. As demonstrated above in my little handy-dandy diagram, one side is a Hydrophilic; the "head" of the molecule that is attracted to water. The other side is a Lipophilic; the"tail" that likes oil.

oil and water don't mix

Now as we all know (assuming we all passed third grade science...) oil and water do not mix. No matter how much you try to shake em' together they will always separate in a glass of water as shown above.

oil can be hidden in water

Here is where Micellar comes in. What is cool about this particular molecule is that it acts completely different. The Micelle is a ball-shaped cluster of surfactant molecules hanging around a single water molecule. Because of its molecular structure, it is able to basically hide the oil molecules inside the water! Essentially it makes the two not repel each other!

Some of my favourites:

micelle make makeup stick to oil

Okay, okay, I know you're asking... "why the hell is this so important?" Well let me tell you. This is a close up of how the Micelle looks on a cotton pad. The water molecules of course stick to the cotton pad and it allows the oil molecules to sit on the surface of the cotton pad. Zooming in... we can see how the natural oils (sebum) and makeup on your face stick onto the oil molecules and soak right up and onto the cotton pad. It is literally lifting off all the dirt and impurities from your face. This will help you save a lot of time (and money) on your skin care. You won't need to try so hard to remove the makeup and when you cleanse, you'll find you need less cleanser to wash your face!

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So essentially, Micellar Water is basically soapy water! Because of its molecular structure, it allows you to clean your face, lift away all the impurities and makeup and still leave your face clean so you don't have to rinse afterwards!

How To Use Micellar Water in Your Makeup Routine

Fun fact! Surfactants are the most important ingredients found in soap, shampoo and detergent. Anything that bubbles has surfactants! Luckily, they are not all made equal and the ones found the Micellar water are mild enough to go on the face without causing irritations but strong enough to remove makeup. Micellar is a neat product that I totally recommend everyone to try!

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