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Hormones and Your Skin

Hormones and Your Skin

Hormones are amazing tiny molecules produced by our glands that help the body perform many different functions. When they are balanced, they work for us but when they are unbalanced, they can sometimes work against us. For women, one of the major causes for hormone unbalance is menstruation. The body undergoes a lot of changes that make an untimely visit on the surface of our skin. A lot of adult acne for females are caused by hormonal imbalances. It's definitely worth reading up on how your period effects your skin. Understanding what these are and how to work with these inevitable imbalances are essential for maintaining healthy, clear, radiant skin.   

Here are 3 major hormones that affect our skin during menstruation.




High amounts of this hormone is responsible for triggering ovulation. The LH hormone is also responsible for the increase in the skin's oil production.


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