5 beauty habits you should NOT be doing

Over the years we tend to develop a lot of habits for taking care of our skin. While most of them are good, some of them may be doing more harm than good. Here are 5 habits that even I am guilty of doing sometimes that are damaging the skin and I also share 5 habits to make instead. Do this, not that. 

ONE: Curling lashes after mascara

 While it might seem like a great idea to curl your lashes after applying mascara for an extra hold, this practice will weaken your lashes in the long run, leaving them brittle and prone to falling out. For a better curl, heat the curler with your body heat or a blow dryer and curl your lashes. Heat has the same effect on your lashes as it does with your hair. Remember to allow the curler to cool before burning your eyelids though

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TWO: Sharing mascara/lip gloss

 Every now and then we run into moments where we forget our makeup at home. Usually after a sleepover at our best friends house. The easiest thing may be to borrow your friends tube, what's the harm. But sharing mascara and lip gloss is a recipe for infection. Anything that you're putting back into a tube harbours bacteria. This is why clear lipgloss turns brown after a while. The same goes for coloured lipgloss only you just cant see it. This is also why you should be tossing your mascara out every 3 months. Bacteria builds up inside the tube. Sharing it with a friend may seem like a frugal idea but you'll end up cross contaminating your products and damaging skin. But you can share a solid lipstick. Simply sanitize the tip with some alcohol, wipe it dry and its ready to use.

THREE: Using your fingers in masks and or double dipping

 Using a mask 2-3 times a week is a great addition to your beauty regime helping you achieve great skin. But be careful how you use them. Pot masks are convenient, and easy to store but be careful not to double dip. Oils from your fingers and bacteria on your skin break down the product and ultimately contaminate it making the mask go bad faster and lose some of its powerful qualities. If you're using your fingers to apply your mask, take out enough so your fingers don’t have to go back into the pot. Or better yet, reach for a brush to dip out the amount that you need and have no exposure to bacteria.

FOUR: Leaving masks on for too long

 On that note,  with most things the longer you allow them to sit, the more powerful the effects are however, with masks this is not the case. If you're leaving on your mask for longer than 20 minutes or the directed time your efforts may be counter productive. You'll end up drying out your skin, making your skin glands produce more sebum creating the perfect environment for acne. A mask usually only takes about 10 minutes to work its magic, once its dry there are very little to no benefits being given to the skin. Stick to the instructions and get the most out of your mask.

Did you know, your beauty routine should change to suit your skin throughout your cycle? Make sure to choose the right mask for your skin needs all month long. Get the all details in my 28-Day Cycle Skin Care Routine.

FIVE: Wearing makeup to bed

 Makeup is one of may favourite things to play with. But when it comes to taking it off, its hard to say goodbye to a beautiful masterpiece. No matter how annoying it is, you should never sleep with makeup still on your face. Left on makeup clogs pores and contributes to acne, plus left on mascara and eyeliner can get into your eyes and give you pink eye and other infections. Keep some makeup remover wipes beside your bed for a quick fix on those lazy night to keep your face clean. You can even put a night facial cream sample in your bedside box to keep your skin hydrated all night.

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