How To Find Out What SKIN TYPE You Have - 3 WAYS

How To Find Out What SKIN TYPE  You Have - 3 WAYS

Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It makes up a huge component of our appearance, and shows us a direct reflection of what's going on the inside. It goes without saying that it is highly beneficial to take care of your skin as it also takes care of you. There are a number of products on the market that do wonders for the skin. But choosing the wrong type of product or ingredients may do your skin more harm than good; creating more problems rather than fixing them.

As we all know, there are various skin types, and we cater to them in different ways. I won't go too in-depth into the specifics here as I have a detailed article about the various skin types here on my blog. Its packed with information and great tips for every skin type.

Learn more about the 5 basic skin types!

Today, we're focusing on how to determine what skin type you have.

The most accurate way to determine your skin type to step into a dermatologist's or esthetician's office. I truly recommend visiting a professional at every stage of your skin just to get a full overview of your specific skin needs. Although there are 3 basic types of skin, there are varying degrees because everyone is different. All oily skin types don't react to the same products. Getting a medical examination of your skin will help you see the full picture.

The second method is my favourite method because it is the easiest. Its called the "bare-face method." This method involves simply washing you face with a gentle cleanser and... doing nothing to it. Nada. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel and leave the skin bare for 30 minutes. After half-an-hour, examine your skin. Check your skin for oiliness, or shine. Is there shine around your T-zone? Is it all over your face or or is it concentrated in one specific area?

Leave your skin for another 30 minutes and check back. This method will make you feel a little uncomfortable for a little while but it is the best way to observe your skin in its natural habitat as products tend to alter the way the skin behaves.
The second time around, examine your face for dryness. Does it feel tight? Is there redness or flaking in certain areas? Do some facial expressions, smile and move your facial muscles and see if your face feels more uncomfortable than usual.

The third method is one that determines the degree of your skin type. It involves blotting your face with blotting paper throughout to day to determine how oily your skin gets in its natural habitat. Apply a light facial moisturizer for your skin routine and try not to apply makeup the day you are testing, or very light makeup if you need it that day. This will help to keep your skin as natural as possible while you measure the amount of oil your skin produces.

Now you know the ways to check your skin type, choose one that suits you or try them all. Knowing your skin type is the first step to clearer skin.