Why You Have Adult Acne... And How To Get Rid Of It

Why You Have Adult Acne... And How To Get Rid Of It

Adult acne typically has more to do with environmental, hormonal or lifestyle changes. It is not specifically associated with age. That being said, it is possible to still suffer from acne later on in life, I know someone who suffered from consistent breakouts into their late 40s.

As you get closer to menopause when your monthly hormonal jump regulates you’ll see clearer skin but who wants to wait until their 50s to have glowing, radiant skin?

Instead, focus on figuring out what the problem is right now. The basics are of course exercise, eat right, sleep, stay stress-free and wash your makeup brushes but I’ll assume you are already doing these (if you are not … please do … now).

Today, I’m sharing 7 things you can do right now to get rid of adult acne.

1. Keep Track Of Your Water Intake.

Water keeps your body functioning. Water provides the skin with much needed hydration from within. The skin is made up of at least 70% water. If you’re not drinking enough water to keep your body in good function, the water that you do end up drinking will go straight to your major organs rather than going to your skin. Your body is more focused on keeping you alive than keeping your skin hydrated.

2. Cut Out Dairy.

This one was a very hard pill for me to swallow mostly because I love, love, love anything dairy. We’re talking cheese, yogurt, ice cream - you name it. But, it may be what is breaking you out. Do a bit of research about dairy products because it may not be the same for everyone. Try cutting all dairy out for 30 days as see if your skin shows any improvement. You may not have to cut dairy out entirely, but take a look at your diet and see if you can cut back on your dairy intake or even change the type of dairy you are eating.

3. Change Your Pillowcases.

Most people sleep on a pillow every night. During those hopefully long 8 hours, your skin cells will be turning over, shedding, producing sebum, your hair products may be seeping onto your pillowcase and maybe you might drool a bit. All of that is being securely stored into the surface you are putting your clean face on every night. Make sure to change your pillowcase at least 1 once a week.

On that note, when we sleep, our hands have this natural ability to find its way to our face. If you sleep on your palms make sure that you do not apply hand lotion or body lotion to your hands. The ingredients in body lotions are very difference from the ones used on your face. These might end up clogging your pores and causing more breakouts.

*Tip: do you skincare right before bed so you can use your night cream as a moisturizer for your hands. This will stop you from clogging your pores if you sleep on your hands, and it will give your hands the same anti-aging affects as your face and decolletage!

4. Keep A Good Skincare Routine

Your skin is the largest organ your body has and its first line of defense. The skin will tell you if there is something else going on inside the body. The skin does so much for us, so it is important to take care of it, and treat it well. A basic skin routine should cleanse, tone, heal, moisturize and protect. That’s it , 5 steps. A simple mantra that should be repeated everyday to give you fresh, glowing skin. Regardless if you wear makeup or not, everyone can benefit from a good skincare routine.

Now you can’t just take whatever product is recommended to you in a blog post or in a video, you need to know your skin type to first decide what your skin even likes or needs. Then, a little patience and trial and error.

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5. Use A Chemical Exfoliator

Exfoliating the skin is one of the best things you can do to clear off the dead skin on the surface and let your skin breathe. Just make sure you are exfoliating the right way. Beauty enthusiasts, and estheticians everywhere have taken a vow against physical scrubs. A mechanical exfoliation that is being rubbed staging your skin can cause micro tears, abrasion, and irritation to the skin. Especially if you have active acne on your skin, its a good idea to steer clear of this types of scrubs. There are still some types of scrubs that you can use, ones with smaller exfoliating beads that are not have smooth edges so they are not as harsh but even then sometimes we put pressure on our fingers to “make the product work better” which completely defeats the point.

Try a chemical exfoliator instead. Chemicals in the past few years have gotten a bad rep for being unnatural and irritating to the skin. This is only partly true. Chemicals such as additive, fragrances, and a whole bunch of- sulphate and -cone scientific names the average person cannot pronounce are things we probably should be staying away from. But - there are some acids that are already present in our bodies and the skin can benefit from these being applied topically including: Hyaluronic Acid which is you haven’t heard of by now, where have you been. Exfoliators like AHA’s and BHA’s can actually be more gentle to the skin that a sugar scrub and more effective.

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6. Try A Hormone Stabilizer

When your hormones are imbalanced it creates an imbalance in the body which is usually always reflected on the skin. There are a lot of ways you can naturally stabilize your hormones which you can read about in more detail but in general, some things you can do to naturally stabilize your hormones is exercise, eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of protein and omea-3 fatty acids, stay away from sugary foods, get lots of sleep, and drink plenty of green tea.

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7. Use Gentle Products

Active ingredients are nice, and they work wonders but they can be potential irritants to sensitive skin. Make sure that the products you are using a gentle on the skin. There is not point of spending all this time and money on products that are doing more harm for your skin. Opt for gentle products that cleanse the skin without stripping natural oils, or drying the skin out.

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