My Skin Profile

My Skin Profile

Everyone’s skin is different. It is the simple fact I cannot stress enough. It’s one thing to get recommendations from someone but you need to understand where they are coming from. What skin issues they are dealing with and how extensive their knowledge is.

Today I’m getting personal by sharing a little summary about my skin thus far. Here is my skin profile.

What Is Your Skin Type?

I feel like that is a loaded question. I always say there are 3 basic skin types and a load of conditions. Skin types are more like scales than categories which is why a product that work for one person with oily skin may not work for another. I have combination acneic (acne prone) mildly sensitive post inflammatory hyper-pigmented [PIH] skin.

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What Is Your Skin Texture?

I have decently smooth skin because I learned not to pick at my pimples. However, I do have rather large pores around my nose, and temples, and skin indentations (picks/scars) on my cheeks. My skin is pretty soft and smooth, but I suffer from the occasional bump under the skin and tiny bumps on my forehead when I am exposed to hotter climates.

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Is Your Skin Sensitive/Irritated?

As I mentioned, I have mildly sensitive skin. I don’t typically get irritated too quickly when I try new products. I have noticed though with the products that I have been using to lighten my acne marks, my skin has become more sensitive and redness prone. Which makes sense because I am working on the skin to remove the spots. Needless to say, Aloe and SPF are my best friends.

Is Your Skin Acne Prone?

Absolutely. I will go through these periods where my skin is so smooth and acne free and all of a sudden it will break out again. Especially if I use face oils, I have to make sure that they are non-comedogenic. The acne that I have is mostly cystic, hormonal adult acne. They sit under the skin clustered around my jaw and cheeks. I also suffered from body acne for a while around my shoulders and arms but those have healed and I only have PIH now.

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What Are Your Main Skin Concerns?

My major skin concerns are large pores around my nose, uneven skin tone; as a woman of colour we tend naturally have different skin tones especially darkness around the mouth area. I also deal with and oily T-Zone and super dry cheeks and forehead; hence the combination skin.

Do You Suffer From Any Specific Condition?

Beyond everything I mentioned above I would say that I suffer from skin dehydration. My skin does not hold onto hydration very well and I find myself doing many sheet masks, gel masks, using multiple serums then layering moisturizer and oil. Only to find that in about 1 hour my skin is soft to the touch but feels dry and tight when I move my face muscles.

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That’s all for now folks ciao!

*Photo from Amino.