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Getting Ready For Back To School

Getting Ready For Back To School

Some of us are excited and some of us dread September 4th.

The truth is, in a little over a  week, bells will be ringing (and I don't mean church bells). Class will be in session. No more lazing around all day by the pool, or sleeping in till noon. Its back to the routine of hard labor disguised as this thing called education!

Now for some of us, we can find quick escapes and ways to make the school year just that more exciting. Like cute school supplies, bags, shoes and accessories, totally stylish options of course. But there are a lot of other ways to make this upcoming school year seem... not as dreadful. 


Clubs are the number one easy way to make any year enjoyable. Find a club that you really like, this could be a sports club or team or even a hobby or a cause. If you love to sing, join the school choir. Like football? Try out. Being active members of clubs, teams and or councils are cool ways to stay involved and meet cool people that share common interests with you. It also helps if you stretch a little out of your comfort zone and talk to people as well.


Now I know there are a lot of people that may be a little shy especially if you're freshmen in High School, College or University.  Trust me, I'm a senior and I still get a little shy sometimes. The trick I found is just taking a chance. Yes, it may sound easy and scary at first. But try encouraging yourself to do things you normally wouldn't do like talk to a complete stranger in the halls or volunteer to lead out in a class group or project.


My biggest tip for being successful in school is to stay organized. Get yourself a super cute agenda or planner or a simple notebook that you like so you'll want to pick it up and write in it. I suggest to keep one planner for all the things you have going on like all your clubs, homework and also your personal life. Some people separate it and trust me it makes it that much more difficult to stay up to date because you have to work twice as hard to update both. Unless of course it works for you then by all means - go ahead.


Try to make an effort to stay on top of all your assignments in school. If somethings not due till next Monday, don't leave it for Sunday is what I'm saying. Take advantage of the time you're given, you can make a to-do list and outline all the areas of the project you're supposed to do and stick to it. That way, what you need to get done is done and you can have more time to do other things. Also, try doing the hardest work first so you're not too tired. Most people do the easier things first and then get too tired or bored to finish, but if you do the opposite, think about it, you just came home from school so your brain is still in 'thinking mode' making it easier to get things done.

Those are the basic tips I have to keep on task and to make the 2018 school year an enjoyable and memorable year.


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