One A Day Grateful Jar 365

With the new year just beginning, there's no better time to start off fresh. It is so easy to ruminate about the bad things that happen in our lives on a daily basis. By nature, we are predisposed to remember the bad and forget the good. Our negative experiences take a toll on our mind and body. It becomes this heavy weight that we carry around with us everyday. But a lot of these negative things that occur are beyond our control. Ruminating about them, obsession over them does not solve the problem, it actually stops you from being productive. 

When we remember the past, the bad situations tend to overshadow the good because they cause emotional trauma that is hard to forget. In my How To Get Your Life Together in 2018 post, I mentioned starting a new mindful moment task. This year, I want to remember the good, even the little things that make life interesting, if I had a good night sleep, if I saw someone I haven't seen in years, if I accomplished a tiny goal, whatever the case may be, I am going to write it down. 

Mindful Moments

I went to the dollar store and got myself a mason jar. This is going to be my one a day greateful jar 365 (saying it out loud makes it sound like a vitamin haha). Everyday, I am going to write down one thing, no matter how small, good that happened that day and place it in the jar. At the end of the year, even if things don't go according to plan, at least there will always be 365 reasons why 2018 was a great year.