November Monthly Bullet Journal Spread 2018

As we move away from October, only a few days left in the month it’s time again to get started on the month ahead. I chose a very simple theme and I really love the way it turned out. Here is my monthly bojo spread for November 2018.

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bojo cover nov 2018

Hello November. This spread was inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest and decided to plan my entire set up around it. A very sleek, and simply geometric shape. I am not one for a lot of colour so I wanted to stay true to that. I used a grey colour palette and added hints of silver to add a little pop to the page and I think it gives a really nice look to the black lettering.

nov bojo 2018 calendar

For my calendar spread this time around I wanted to give myself more space on the page for other things. I moved my calendar down to the bottom with 4 x 5 box ratios (across x length). It still gives me lots of space to jot in appointments but I get more use out of the page. I kept my monthly YouTube growth tracker but made it smaller this time, to add space for a to-do list. I always find myself needing to write down little things, and I don’t want them getting lost in the pages. This way, its easy to see and I remember to do them.

bojo calendar close up nov 2018

Here is a little closeup. Here you can really see the effect the Metallic Marker gives to the moon and on the lettering on the pages. I went back in to the dates and filled in the moon phases since I feel like it adds a little more to the calendar and I have been following the phases recently.

bojo nov 2018 mood and habit tracker

I never thought I’d really enjoy the mood board as much as I do, and I find myself excited to draw them more and more. It does require daily upkeep but it makes me excited to open the journal everyday. I wanted to give my board a little more effortless - je ne sais quoi - so I numbered the triangles randomly. I love the way it turned out and I can’t wait to fill it in.

For my habit tracker, it looks a bit different than the way I normally do it. I kept the same general layout of numbering each habit because I think it’s easier to keep track of it. My habits is something I am really working on so I wanted to put it on an entire page. But I did take out the “sleep” habit. I want to try putting this in the weekly spread instead, using a line graph because I think it gives a better visual of how well, and how long I am sleeping.

mood colour scheme 2018 nov

For this spread and I used a gradient of grey to give a cool yet simple effect. I used my Tomboy Markers in the shades 95, 60, 55, and 25. Rather than simply going from happy to sad I wanted to change it up and put calm and emotional categories since I want the colours to look more sporadic.