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5 Smart Vacation Planning Tips

5 Smart Vacation Planning Tips

While some of us are going to stay put this summer and enjoy what our surroundings have to offer, I'm sure that quite a lot of you girls are going overseas to enjoy favourite hot spots, taking full advantage of the summer break. Now, if you're traveling by plane, there are a few things you should know before going aboard. It starts with knowing what and how to pack. For those travelling by bus, car or train, the tips are pretty much the same. No matter how or where you're traveling this summer, its a good idea to make sure you pack smart.


This is a very important step in travelling because different conditions require different products and clothes. You should check multiple networks to ensure the accuracy of the forecast. We don't want any surprises.


Before you even start to pack, make a list of things you think you'll need for travelling. This will make it easy to shop and pack later on. 


Airports are really strict now-a-days, putting many limits on things that are okay to carry and the weight of luggage. Try packing clothes that are versatile allowing you to wear them in multiple ways. For example a tube top can become a cute body-con skirt if needed. 


Ahead of time, check your airport website to see the weight of luggage you are allowed to carry. Check for liquid regulations as well, as airlines tend to alter the regulations often. You don't want security to end up taking away your Chanel perfume. Instead, make a visit to your local drugstore or dollar store and pick up some travel sized containers to cleverly pack you liquids, makeup and toiletries.  


Okay, so now you're finally ready to actually start packing. Firstly, pack things in logical order. Heavy things to the bottom, dedicates on the top, and undergarments rolled to fill in the gaps so everything stays in place. There are many youtube videos that can show you unique ways to fold your clothes to maximize space in your suitcase. 

When you're preparing for travelling, the best thing to do is to prepare for travelling. Sounds simple right? However, the preparation turns out to be the most crucial part. The tick to having a breezy packing, hassle-free security check, liberating vacation is all the stuff you do before you even pay for your ticket. Hope you lovely ladies and gents protect your skin from the sun, stay hydrated and enjoy this summer.


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