TCE: All About Frat Parties

The Frat Party Need To Know

So one of the first things every girl (or guy) wants to do once they have finally achieved College status is get a one way ticket to 'Le Frat House.'

Let me say, I had the same experience. The same wanting to experience it.  Walking up those aroma filled stairs of the trashy rented apartment building to enter a tiny room filled with high and wasted brothers, pledges and sisters. Yes ladies and gentlemen this is what frat parties consist of. I know because I've been. If there isn't someone trying to grind all up on yuh, stick their tongue down your throat or get you up on the balcony for some "alone time" then its not a party at all.

In all seriousness, Frat Parties are totally cool and a fun time as Deena would say its a "blast in a glass" (literally). But it helps to have some really cool friends who will monitor you and make sure you get home in one piece. Girls who will hold your drink when you go the bathroom, make sure you stay clear of the sketchy, creepy guys that try to hit on you when you're drunk. Girls who've got your back at the end of the night and won't leave you there with some random guy to wake up the next morning in a strange house.

When the night is over, and you've had too much to drink, will walk with your home and not let you pee on the sidewalk to make sure you don't get arrested for public intoxication. Girls who will hold your phone to make sure you don't call your crush and profess your endearing love to him, offering to spend the night with him. And when you've just about had enough, will hold your hair while you puke, force you to drink some water, and eat dry bread and crackers, give you gravel and tuck you in bed.

All in all, parties are fun, very. Just make sure you go to these parties with good friends, boys or girls who will have your back especially if you're new to the party scene or drinking. Be safe, be smart, and have a blast.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a true story.