How To Stay Cool This Summer

Its been getting hot outside. People have been cranking on the AC just for survival. Okay, maybe its not that crazy, but still, its pretty hot sometimes. If its really hot, there are a few things to try to cool down.

Meal time
Graze your food. Ever noticed you feel that much warmer after you eat and you're full. This is because your metabolism has kicked in and is working really hard. Kind of acts like friction creating heat and we don't want that right now. So, this tip knocks down two problems in one. Eat smaller proportions and space meals out, its dietitians preferred style of eating and also helps keep you cool.

Choose weather appropriate clothes and go tropical with your dressings. Light colours, like fabrics equals a cool you. And sun hats are great options for protection from the sun with a healthy dose of sunscreen.

Water is obviously a natural cooler so make use of it. Hang round the pool, drink plenty water to keep hydrated, put some in a pray bottle and spray yourself to cool off. Run your arms under cold water for 10 seconds on each hand to lower body temperature for about an hour. Soak you feet in cold or cool water also to regulate temperature.

Relaxing and Sleeping
Relaxing is good because you're not using much energy to create heat. But if you have trouble sleeping, try leaving the window open at nights, keep lights off to minimize heat. Put a small pillow in a bag and place in freezer to use at night, you can also do this to your sheets to make them cool. Sleep in cool temperature linen and pillows like silk  or satin. Try relaxing in the basement or lying on the floor because hot air raises and cool air sinks.

These are just a few of the things you can do to stay cool this summer!