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How To Store Perfume

How To Store Perfume

We girl love our scents. I know you do. Its good to smell good. There are so many scents to chose from. Name Brand or none, perfume, cologne, body mist, body spray, Eau De Toilet, the list goes on and on. We spend so much on our perfumes wouldn't it be nice to try and preserve them like we do anything else?

Like any other normal product, perfumes change over time. They smell different on different people, and over the course of the day. I know its not just me who discovers  they smell slightly different once the day's done, even though you didn't sweat. All that has a lot to do with natural body scents and climate. But that's not what this article is about.

Since the beginning of time ladies stored their perfumes on dressers, in bathrooms, on shelves and on makeup tables. Storing scents like this enables them to be vulnerable to the dangers of their very essence like light and heat. 

Have you ever looked at your clear perfume bottle and noticed the colour has changed over time? This could be the cause. Ever noticed that your sweet smelling perfume doesn't smell as sweet after some time? Also the cause of that. This is all thanks to the way we store our perfumes. 

The only way to prevent this is to be mindful of how you store your perfumes. Like jewelry, you need to separate like perfumes. Put blue liquids together, clear scents together, yellow, pink and so on. This will prevent the turning of its colour. To stop the smell from changing, store your perfumes in cooler settings. A bathroom heats up at lot since you shower there creating steam... so this is not a good place. If your room gets so hot that you cant sleep at night, then that's definitely not a good place either. 

So where am I getting at? That's what you're asking right? I'm getting at storing your perfumes in your fridge. Take a moment, take it in.... I'll wait....

Done? Okay, yes your fridge. Now you can store them in your normal kitchen fridge but that would be kind of weird with all the food in there and all. Fridges with a middle opening section are ideal places for this but since not everyone can afford this and that's just too far away from where you admire yourself every morning, its probably not going to happen.

A cheaper alternative, is to just purchase a basic mini fridge and keep it in your room or wherever you normally store perfumes. Whatever suits you. This way, your precious and expensive scents are stored properly. Plus in the summer, this is perfect for a little cool mist to cool down. You can also store your nail polishes in there as well because they have the same sort of effect.

That's me, saving one perfume bottle at a time. 


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