The True College Experience

Everyone wants to have the best experience at college or university.  It's funny how people usually say that high school was the best 4 years of their lives. Well if you really think so, then you definitely did not go to college. College is probably the most self-awakening, accepting experience you will ever experience as a young adult.

The usual annoying cliques don't exist anymore, and whatever your status at the end of the horrible kiddy jail called High School was, you can breathe easily because you get a clean slate.

I personally have recently started college. Well here in Canada, we differentiate college from University. I am currently in university, but for the sake of my readers if I refer to it as college (but I mean university just to be clear).

College is supposed to be this great experience where you not only prepare yourself for your career but also find yourself, who you're really meant to be and also people who get you, and complement you best.

As a fellow college girl, I feel it just fitting to document my experience.  I cannot videotape everything but ill write so you can read. I find it interesting to see other people's experience during college. So sit back and relax and get ready for the ride.