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5 Things To Do After Registering for Your College Classes

5 Things To Do After Registering for Your College Classes

By now, the whole fiesta of where to apply for university or college is done and the charade is up. You're finally starting to visit your school choices and you're loving what you see. A little advice is what I have for you. There are still things you need to do before you can go off into the great big world. 

Here's a little checklist of what to make sure you have done.


1. Make sure you have applied and paid for all applications. (ok this one's a given). If you get an email from the school of your choice then you know you have applied successfully.

2. Check all additional forms and applications to be submitted. There might be extra requirements like admissions forms and fees for your specific specialization, portfolios, letters and many others. Make sure you get those all done by the deadline. I know someone who hadn't and her application for university was cancelled all because she forgot one simple form. 

3. Know when you're school of choice is coming to your current High School. Your university or college of choice  makes arrangements to come to your school around late February or March. Make sure you know those dates because its the perfect oppertunity to ask all of your unanswered questions.

4. Apply for bursaries or awards. Any award that you are eligable to apply for, you should apply for. School isnt cheap and you should be rewarded for your hard work. 

5. Remember you are still in school. You are still a student, you still need to keep your grades up so that you can go to school in the fall with no setbacks. 

Hope these few tips are helpful and that all of you get into the school of your choice. Post-education is an experience in itself. Everyone should get the oppertunity to experience it. Trust me, its worth the hassle. 

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