Best Ways To Pamper Yourself

There is nothing better than relaxing and takeing the time to pamper yourself. Give your body and mind some self love. Take a break from the stressors of life, and show yourself some TLC. Here are some of the best ways to pamper yourself.


They say the eyes are the window to your soul, but you feet are the link to your entire body. There are important nerve endings in in your feet that send messages to the brain to keep you healthy. The feet keep your body aligned to improve your posture, and they also help influence your organ function. Keep a simple foot regimen to not only improve the appearance of your feet but also your entire body health. Prepare a foot soak, scrub and mask, and don’t forget to moisturize.

Tip: You can also do a foot mask overnight!


I have recently begun taking better care of my natural hair to allow it to flourish and grow. One of the most important things I’ve discovered is the impact a healthy scalp has on your hair. You cannot simply treat the ends of your hair and expect it to grow long. Hair grows from the scalp, so take care of the “fertalizer” so-to-speak. There are great scalp treatments you can purchase on line, but you can also make one for yourself. Take 20 minutes of your time to apply the mask and give yourself a good scalp massage.


Every day seems to get busier, and busier. With a growing to-do list, and so much to keep up with on social media, and with the news, with work or school, and family life and friends, it’s hard to find time for yourself. Sometimes you just need quiet to take a breath, relax and be alone with your thoughts. A creative mind needs to be fed with silence to create. Take a few minutes of your day, when you wake up, or before bed, even just 10 minutes on your lunch break to meditate. Find a quiet place, and free your mind. It relieaves stress, and it might just be the answer you need if you’re trying to make a life changing decision. My favourite meditation apps for both IOS are Oak for beginners (IOS only) and Calm for more seasoned vets (both IOS and Android).


In my home, after about 6PM when the sun goes down, the lights in my house are either dimmed or completely off. I enjoy the darkeness. It helps your body wind down for night. I put my phone aside, and if I feel like watching some TV before bed, then I always have the blue light dimmed. I light candles around my room and enjoy a subtle glow. I find it really relaxes me and helps your body recognize that it is almost time for bed.

The blue light from the computer tricks your mind into thinking that it is daytime so you don’t feel tired. Cook yourself a nice meal and put on a candle at the dinner table. Enjoy some nice jazz or blues music in the background and have a quiet dinner. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t take yourself on a date. If you have a partner, have a nice meal together, its a plus because you can even prepare dinner together too.


When I was little, I used to love going outside. So much that it was a punishment to stay inside rather than being outside with my friends. Now, I barely get the time to go outside for so much as 10 minutes since I’ve gotten my first big-girl-job (oh adulting). The few times I go outside I really enjoy the walk. The cool breeze, the freshly polluted air, just the feeling of leaving your house and walking alongside the road has a theraputic way of clearing my mind. It gives your body some much needed exercise and while it is still light outside, get in as much as you can. Go down the lake to even take a walk around your neighbourhood (in the daylight of course). Do it asap because…Winter is coming.


These days its like I can’t go 10 minutes without an email, or alert popping up on my phone. While its nice to be so connected to everything and every one at the click of a button, it only leaves your multitasking on so many things all at once. You’ll realize at the end of the day, that you got little to nothing done. Take a breather from social media, from answering phone calls or messages for a day. Put down the phone and get some reading done, do some housecleaning, or a DIY project. You’ll be able to get so much done in your day and it will leave you feeling very productive.


Journalling helps you get your thoughts out on paper. There are often things you don’t want to talk about, or to anyone in particular but it is still important to think about and get off your chest. Here’s where journaling comes into play. It can help you work through a difficult problem you are facing, reflect on your life, or check in with the goals you set out for yourself. You’ll find you feel much lighter after getting your thoughts out on paper, and you’ll free up thinking space for other things you want to work on.

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