Why You Should Avoid Wearing Lipgloss In The Summer


It seems lately that almost everything is a guilty pleasure. Like ice cream, or chocolate, it can make you feel relaxed and hurt you at the same time. Like laying out in the sun for too long (sunburns, not a fun experience). 

A recent study lead dermatologists to suspect Lip Gloss as a suntan lotion for the lips. Which makes sense because lip gloss is shiny, this effect acts like shield that magnifies the rays of the sun to the skin. Much like suntan lotion does. Now, for our skin, it might not be so much of a problem because the skin has many more layers and pigmentation to handle the intensity of the sun's rays. However, for the lips, this is not the case.

The lips are made of thin skin with very little pigmentation, it is not as strong as the rest of our body. Therefore, the intense magnification of the sun's rays may cause lip cancer. It might sound preposterously outrageous but it is true.

Ok, so I know you're not going to go and throw out all of your favourite expensive lip gloss. Just in case you were thinking of doing that, luckily, there are other ways to get around the harmful effect of lip gloss. It doesn't take a Dermatologists to tell you that you need to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun right. So why not protect your lips while you're at it? There are so many lip gloss, lip balms, lip butters, lipsticks and tints out there that offer a wonderful protection called SPF. I couldn't even count the number of lip products out there that offer 15-20 SPF in all brands, colours, and even flavours of lip glosses.

My suggestion is to take a visit to your local drugstore or CVS and pick up an inexpensive lip balm with 15-20 SPF in it. If you feel like you could use the extra coverage, try picking out a lip gloss with SPF aswell.