REVIEW: Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30

A good SPF is one of those items that are essential but often hard to come by especially if you fall into the category of darker skin tones. You want to protect your skin, but you don't want to compromise your look. I got my hands on this primer+SPF in one by Murad and I have been pleasantly surprised. 

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30

I really enjoyed using this on my skin every morning. I even finished the entire bottle and I pretty much never finish any beauty product in my collection. I found myself gravitating to this product every single morning because I love what it did for my skin. Today, I'm sharing my review of the Invisiblur Perfecting Shield by Murad. 

The Invisiblur Perfecting Shield  by Murad retails for 78.00$ CAD at Sephora. It has quite a high price tag so I was a bit hesitant purchasing it at first, however, I am a firm believer in "you get what you pay for." In the case, primer comes with 1 oz of product and it has lasted me about 4 months of daily use. 

The first thing I must compliment is that I love the air tight pump bottle. Needless to say, these are some of my favourite types of packaging as they don't let germs and bacteria into the container as squeeze tubes and jars do. This is a big plus for me as I am quite particular about contamination as Type A as that sounds. None-the-less, I am a stickler for packaging, and the wide area space of the pump, and shape of the bottle makes it easy to hold in your hand. I feel like you get enough product in one pump enough to fully cover your face, neck and ears (never forget the ears!). 

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The Invisiblur is marketed as a clear SPF/Primer for your skin. It is thick enough to fill in your pores and give you a subtle blurring effect, protects your skin with 30 SPF without giving you that signature sunscreen white cast, flashback or heavy feeling.  First thing's first, as a brown skin girl, I can truly appreciate this clear sunscreen. It goes on like a silicone facial lotion and makes your skin feel so soft and smooth. It's not going to give you Benefit Porefessional level pore filling but it lightly fills in my pores and blurs them with or without makeup. 

The product layers well on top of the other products I used on my face. It is always the last step of my skin care routine so it goes on top of layers of lotion, and oil. I allow them to soak into my skin of course for a few minutes first, but even when I am in a rush and don't have time to let other products sit, it goes on without piling or creating a weird concoction on my face. 

One extra thing to note, which is probably the most important aspect of this product is its label “Broad Spectrum.” This one is labeled as Broad Spectrum which is one of the best labels an SPF can have. The amount of SPF is not the major determination of how much coverage you’re getting, its the measure of UVA, and UVB protection. If you’re not to aware of the specifics between the two, just knowing that “Broad Spectrum” is on the label ensure you that you are getting sufficient protection.

If you're in the market for a good SPF that blends out nicely into the skin, doesn't leave a greasy feeling and doesn't compromise your look then you'll want to try the Murad Invisiblur.  It's a bit pricy but its worth every penny.