REVIEW: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

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I have been using Laneige's hydrating night gel, the Water Sleeping Mask, consistently for a while now. I first got my hands on it after receiving a free full-sized jar of the mask from This currently is my second bottle. I do have a review of this on my YouTube channel when I initially got it, and you can check that out as well for my first impression. It takes some time to truly develop your opinion about a product because you have to use it consistently to see results. Now at the bottom of the jar, I'm sharing my continued experience/update using this product.

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About Laneige

Laneige is a Korean skincare brand that developed the highly concentrated mineral water infused formula. Their science is grounded on the fact that our skin cells are heavily made up of water and it is, therefore, necessary to replenish this water in our skin. Hence, the Water Sleeping Mask which hydrates the skin as you sleep. 

The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask retails for $30.00 CAD at Sephora. The jar comes with 2.7 oz and provides its own plastic spatula for application. Which is a nice touch if you don't want to keep dipping your finger in the mask (no spreading of bacteria!) It is marketed as a super hydrating gel that exfoliates, brightens and softens the skin. You can read more about Laneige brand, concept and line of products on their website.

I found it cheaper on Amazon!

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The Sleeping Mask comes packaged in this clean blue bottle. The packaging is simple, but elegant. They really spent a lot of time in the design to make sure it gives off that high-end feel while keeping the cost reasonably low. The jar itself is very sturdy in your hand which does also give it that more luxurious feel. 


Over the years, my skin has pretty much fluctuated on the spectrum of skin types. Right now, I'm a steady combination-oily-sensitive skin type. For this reason, I have found a love for gel-like consistencies more than anything. The Water Sleeping Mask feels like a mix between a serum and a gel. It has an Aloe Vera type consistency when you apply it to your face. It gives off this look and feel of water, as it has a blue-green tint. It is also very light on the skin and doesn't make you feel suffocated. 


When you put the serum on your face it gives you this moist, cooling sensation on your skin (don't worry, no tingling or nothing, it just feels nice) like you just put water on your face or sprayed a mist on your skin. It almost feels like a thicker version of hyaluronic acid. You really don't have to worry about putting too much on your face as it instantly absorbs into the skin leaving your face feeling nice a supple, smooth, soft and hydrated. Also, because the Sleeping Mask  sinks into the skin so easily, you don't have to worry about it leaving the pillow messy or anything. 

I am so in love with this sleeping mask. It's really rare to find a product that suits both dry and oily parts of my skin. Especially in the dryer seasons. But this product is so light and moisturizing. It has a subtle clean calming scent which is nice and not overpowering making it perfect for sensitive skin and it isn't oily or sticky.

My Experience

Hydration is the most important step in my skincare routine. It is an aspect that Korean Beauty has got down to a science, but Western skincare has been slow to catch up. While using this product, I have noticed that my skin feels so much softer than before. This is a consistent change in the overall health of my skin. I am a young adult and I have started to get some lines around my eyes, my smile lines are more defined and I notice some creasing between my brows. With continued use, I know that I can attribute these lines becoming less obvious to the moisture in this mask. The Water Sleeping Mask does not claim to fade wrinkles but the boost of hydration has definitely contributed to this change.

Another change that I have noticed, is that my oily T-zone is not as oily. I always say the skin is made to heal itself, it just needs the proper environment to do so, and that is so true. I feel as though this mask has helped to balanced the water content in my skin. I otherwise wake up in the morning with a really oily T-Zone but while using this product, I don't experience the same shine I used to. 

Final Thoughts

I totally recommend anyone looking for a light-medium moisturizer to wear at night. It gives your skin the right amount of moisture for the duration of a proper night's sleep. Our skin cells are highly water concentrated. Skin looks young and retains elasticity once it is properly moisturized. While the Water Sleeping Mask doesn't make any anti-aging claims, this is definitely a good investment for ladies who wear makeup on a daily basis. On that note, whether you wear makeup or not, a good night cream is essential for the skin. 

I have emptied my second bottle and just placed an order at Sephora. It has become one of my holy grail's, an essential step in my night routine. I'm also thinking about trying one of their cleansers too to add to my collection. 

Give it a try. Laneige definitely has some good skin products at a budget-friendly price.