REVIEW: Herbivore Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask

This is the Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask by Herbivore recently featured in Week 14 of my Ultimate Mask Challenge

Herbivore Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask

This is an all natural BHA and AHA gentle exfoliating mask with white willow bark and fruit enzymes designed to smooth and resurface the skin. It is said to be suitable for Normal, Oily and Combination skin types. Its noncomedogenic, vegan and cruelty free, made without gluten or silicones. It retails at Sephora for $60.00 CAD.


Now to the nitty gritty. AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) if you're not already aware is a type of acid that exfoliates the top layer of the skin to get rid of surface spots (hyper-pigmentation, discolourations and so forth). BHA's (beta hydroxy acids) work on a deeper level to clear deep down into the inner-most layers of the skin (for example salicylic acid). I wont go too much into detail, but that is basically the gist. Exfoliating is one of the 3 best things you can do for to clear up your skin. This makes it a great resurfacer for clearing acne causing bacteria beneath the skin, and clearing up surface blemishes, among other of benefits. 

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Blue Tansy on Sephora

-White Willow Bark Extract: Unclogs pores with a natural BHA and high levels of salicylic acid.
-Fruit Enzymes: Helps eliminate dead skin cells for smooth and soft skin; natural AHA.
-Blue Tansy Oil: Soothes redness and calms irritated skin.
-Aloe Leaf: Helps unclog pores, remove blackheads, and smooth the complexion.

The mask has the consistency of egg whites, if you've ever applied that to your face. It has a gel-like feel to it and it dries just a egg does on the skin. Of course, as with egg, it takes a little while to wash off of the skin. The container of course is a jar, which isn't my favourite type of packaging because it requires you to dip your fingers into the jar. Lets just say, its not the most hygienic packaging on the market. But it is classic, simple and easy to store. I have recently started using silicone spatulas to apply my masks instead of my fingers and I avoid double dipping by scooping out enough for my entire face the first time. Blue Tansy has a blue tinted botanical that tints the silicone but I haven't had any tinting of the skin. 

2 weeks ago

Two weeks ago: as your can see, my skin was very red, uneven, irritated and I had a handful of active acne all over my skin. The spots on my face were also quite dark and prominent.

The directions say to first use the mask everyday for 3-4 days for 20 minutes, then use once a week to maintain the skin. I of course started with this sequence and my skin felt so nice and smooth. It initially cleared up which was surprising for me. At the same time, my period was a few days away, and my period usually has an affect on my skin. I did notice however, my acne this time around was not as aggressive as usual.

I apply a light layer of my skincare products once I’m finished with the mast. Nothing with conflicting active ingredients because I don’t want to mix too many things on my face. I continue to use this mask once a week as an upkeep and love that I have begun to see the results of lighter acne scars. Now this is something I have been trying to clear up for a long time (you all know this) and I can honestly say that I have seen a difference in my skin. I can't wait to see the results later on. 

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Today: I just finished my period so my skin was looking dull, I decided to put on the mask once again. Even from here, you can see that my skin is a lot smoother and some prominent acne marks have begun to face. 

I don't find that this mask irritates my skin at all. I was a little concerned because it is an acid (go figure) but I tend to use very gentle hydroxy acids because my skin is prone to sensitivity (as I have discovered in my later years). When it first goes on, it stings just a bit, perhaps more because of the tingle/cooling feeling (similar to peppermint or tea tree oil on the skin). I leave it on for 20 as directed and wash off in circular motions. My skin does feel a bit dry afterwards but nothing a few drops of Hyaluronic acid can't cure. 


Today: Compared to the previous photo, you can see that my skin looks a lot smoother. Now, all my dark spots have not faded but the ones on my cheeks, and the bottom have of my jaw have faded quite nicely. It will take some time to peel back the layers of damaged skin in the centre as they are much deeper scars. And I have other methods of getting rid of dark marks and other hyper-pigmentation. The mask is formulated to get rid of redness, acne and clean out the pores to effectively prevent future breakouts. As you can see the redness has pretty much subsided but I still have some new pimples now and then. Overall, so far I am pleased with the way my skin is progressing. 

All in all, this is a very nice mask that I look forward to using more and benefiting from its botanicals. I will keep you updated on how my skin does using this mask.