REVIEW: The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleansing Face Wash

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When I was in university, my best friend (and roommate) introduced me to The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleansing Face Wash (the entire line really). My skin was really struggling under the stress of school and my acne started to really creep up on me. 


The Tea Tree Skin Cleansing Face Wash retails for $20.00 (400 ml) on The Body Shop website. It has a medium thick gel-like consistency and it is so potent. You really don't need a lot to cleanse, just pour a small bead into your hand, lather with water and watch it turn into a foam consistency. While cleansing, it leaves a fresh cooling sensation on the skin due to the tea tree oil. Because it is a gel, it's great for combo to oily skin types, but I believe drier skin types would also benefit from it since I had drier skin the first time I used it and enjoyed it the same. If you don't like the feeling of a slight tingle, then you might want to pass if you have more sensitive skin. 

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My Experience

I've talked about my skin journey in previous posts on my blog, and during university, I experienced serious breakouts for the first time. Having skipped most of the teenage acne that typically adolescents experience, I was rudely awoken into the world of acne. 

My friend recommended trying this cleanser to clear up my skin because of its tea tree oil content. As we all know, it is an amazing ingredient in combating acne. At that point, I had nothing to lose and clear skin to gain. I tried a small size of this bottle consistently for 1 month. My skin really started to improve. I had fewer breakouts and when I did, they were no longer in clusters, nor were they painful. I can attribute my breakouts to stress at the time, and this did a great job of helping me manage them. 

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Once the Tea Tree Cleanser was done, I went on to try other things because naturally I love exploring what the beauty world has to offer, and this cleanser sunk to the back of my mind. 

Years later, now well into my young adult years, my acne has come back with a vengeance in the form of adult acne. I typically experience painful cystic acne underneath my skin that has become very difficult to treat. 

This is a few days before getting another bottle of the Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleansing Face Wash.

This is a few days before getting another bottle of the Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleansing Face Wash.

I was on the hunt for something to try when this acne clearing face wash popped into my mind. I ordered it right away knowing I've previously had a good experience with it. I have been using it consistently for the past 4 weeks and notice my skin looks so much clearer. My breakouts as a young adult around are mostly attributed to hormones because of my period. This time around, I haven't had the crazy breakouts that I have now become accustomed to seeing on my face. 

This is what my skin looks like now.

This is what my skin looks like now.

Now using this cleanser again, over the past four weeks I have noticed some great changes in my skin. My acne has pretty much stayed under control even during my menstrual cycle. My skin doesn't feel dry or irritated using this product. The only thing is I don't think this helped control my oiliness but I have other products that keep my sebacious oil production in check. I use it both in the morning and night, and with consistent use, I have had great results

Acne is something that I have struggled with throughout the entirety of my young adult life. I know that a lot of others have also struggled or are currently struggling with adult acne so when I see something that has promising results I just have to share. I am going to continue using this for the next four weeks and give an update on the health of my skin.

So far, if you are looking for a cleanser to help combat your adult acne, give the Body Shop Tea Tree Skin have found something