REVIEW: Vanity Planet Hot & Cold Rejuvenating Facial Wand

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Alternating between hot and cold compresses do wonders for our bodies. Whether is nursing sore muscles after an invigorating workout or choosing between warm tea and iced tea on any given day. These temperature changes also do great things for the skin.


This is the Vanity Planet Forever Young: Hot and Cold Rejuvenating Face Wand. It retails on the Vanity Planet website for 261.21$ CAD. I have been watching this face wand for a while now and when it went up on sale around mother's day, I just had to have it (what can I say, I love a good discount!). I got mine for 70% off during the sale and combining with another coupon (yes girl!), I ended up spending less than 40$ CAD for mine. After using this facial wand for a little over a month, I'm sharing my opinions about this beauty tool.

I found it for much cheaper on Amazon!

face massager

A Little Bit About The Wand

This facial wand features a teardrop shaped metal plate that changes from hot to cold, claiming to use the skin's natural reaction to temperature changes to treat the skin. The temperature changes are intended to boost the absorption of your serums and moisturizers, get rid of redness, and puffiness on the skin, and diminish the appearance of fine lines. The metal plate is wide enough to go around your face without being too tedious, and because of its curve, it fits comfortably around and under the eyes. The wand is a confortable size and light weight so it fits comfortably in the hand when using it. 

In The Box

The Rejuvenating Face Wand is rechargeable. In the box you'll find a soft velvet travel pouch to store the tool and a small microfiber cloth to clean the metal surface. It also has a small USB cord that can plug into any adapter to recharge. 

How To Use

Starting off with a comfortable heat when you hold the "on" button for 3 seconds, push again for the sonic vibration. Push the button again to instantly switch to cold, and one more time for cold vibration. Hold on the button for 3 more seconds to turn it off. Smooth over the face starting from the chin to the ear, cheek to temple, working your way up to the forehead. Then between the eyes to the hairline. Basically work from bottom to top, and inside of the face-out for best results. Clean with a cotton pad and some alcohol and store in the pouch.

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metal wand head

Hot and cold

-Heat to increase serum absorption.

-cold to lock it in.


I was truly surprised at how quickly the hot and cold pad quickly switches between both temperatures. The feeling is very mild, neither too hot nor too cold. I only wish the heat was just a little warmer since I can personally handle hotter temperatures. But regardless, the facial wand comfortably warm. It glides really nicely over the skin with either a serum or an oil. But my favourite way to use this wand is with a sheet mask.

On and off button

On and off button

About The Sonic Vibration

The Rejuvenating Facial Wand has a simple on and off button used to control the vibration as well as the temperature. I find that the vibration is not strong enough for my skin to really feel the vibration. It is probably the right amount to stimulate the skin, but I am used to a more vigorous massage. The Ultimate Skin Spa System by Vanity Planet, for example, has a complete rotating head that gives a powerful spin. I have also tried the Spin For Perfect Skin face brush so I was expecting this facial wand to be more epic considering VPs track record. I still enjoyed the wand though, but I like it more for the hot and cold temperatures rather than for the sonic vibration.

Back of wand

Back of wand

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed the luxurious feeling the Hot & Cold Face Wand gave to my skin care routine. I used it 2 times a week along with my usual facial steam and I enjoyed how it made my skin feel. You'll want plenty of moisturizer on the wand so it can glide nicely on the skin. Even with the amount of product I put on my face (and I used a lot to get good slip) my serums always soaked into my skin and left my face feeling supple without a thick, sticky layer on the top. I got the most kick out of the wand when I used it on top of a sheet mask. The wand is a little on the pricey side, but Vanity Planet merchandise typically go on sale quite often, so if you wait long enough, this would be on sale as well (as was my experience).

If you're looking for a tool to give you a relaxing face massage, sorry to say this is not the tool. But if you are on the market for a neat tool to help your skin absorb serums, oils, and sheet masks 10x better than usual, then you'll want to try using a hot and cold wand. Take your at-home spa routine to the next level with this Hot & Cold Rejuvenating Face Wand by Vanity Planet