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REVIEW: Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment

REVIEW: Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment

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Ahh, acne spot treatments. These types of products have become my first line of defense when it comes to quickly stopping a pimple in it’s tracks. Its a concentrated serum that tackles the blemish head on to give you quick release. One of the most popular treatments on the web is the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment which retails for $7.97 CAD.


As with most spot treatments, this serum comes out from a very small mouth piece. I really enjoy squeeze tubes for spot treatments because it allows you to control how much product you are getting at one time. The Clean & Clear gel is a small tube but it comes with 22 ml of gel. I have had mine for about 5 months now and I’m barely through it. With products like this, you don’t really need a lot anyways.

About The Product.

As mentioned, this spot treatment comes with 22 ml of product. It comes out as a gel that ranges more on the thin side. It’s said to provide fast acting results in just 4 hours and a visibly clearer skin in one day. Its oil free, which is music to my ears as a oily-combo girl. The main ingredient in this acne spot treatment is 2% salicylic acid, a deep cleaning BHA that exfoliates under the skin. This is a known acne savior because it helps to regulate cell regeneration unclogging the pores and prevents other skin lesions.

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My Experience.

When you first apply the Advantage Acne Spot Treatment on your skin it has a slight tingly feeling. If your blemish is fresh then it will sting as through you were applying something antibacterial to clean a wound or an essential oil like tea tree or peppermint. This product does a great job of initially drying up the pimple leaving it less red and less sensitive to the touch. I get these types of instant results in the first few hours of putting it on.

I love to use this especially when I have pimples under the skin that have not head come to a head because the BHA works underneath the skin effectively fixing the problem before it shows on the surface. I find it works very well at ridding the skin of the inflammation before you really have to deal with it.

If you’re using this spot treatment gel on a matured pimple, the blemish itself however does not completely disappear, even with continued use. It dries the pimple down very nicely so it is not huge and red but it doesn’t do anything really afterwards. The pimple fades as normal.

A Word of Caution.

Spot treatments are supposed to be just that, a treatment to deliver quick results. It does not however have a huge benefit on the long term. After the initial clearing of the pimple (perhaps one or two days twice a day) then you’ll want to stop using it. If you continue to use it you’ll end up drying out the skin.

I would also recommend using this at the end of your skin routine for the same reason. If you apply a spot treatment on first, you’ll only end up spreading the product to other ares of the skin that do not need it. This could give you more problems to deal with (ie. excessive dryness). If all else, you do not want this anywhere near your eyes.

You do not need a lot of this product for it to work. After layering your skincare products, dot this product on your blemishes.


If you’re looking for a quick treatment to handle the initial onset of your pimple, look no father than this Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. It’s budget friendly and gives fast acting results.

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