REVIEW: La Roche Posay Ultra-Fluid Body Lotion 50 SPF & Antioxidant Hydra Gel

If you’re trying to take good care of your skin then you’ll want to make sure to wear SPF everyday. As in, not just in the summer but all year round. SPF is one of those products that you’ll be using very often, so you might as well enjoy the product you’re using.


Today, I’m sharing my review for the LaRoche Posay Ultra-Fluid Body Lotion with 50 SPF and the Antioxidant Hydra Gel.

This is the Ultra Fluid Body Lotion with 50 SPF from La Roche Posay. It retails on their website for $36.00 CAD. It comes with a decent amount of product with 125 ml so its sure to last for some time. I purchased mine in May, I went to Africa with this and it has lasted me all the way through September with lots to spare. I use it every single day. Of course the amount that you put on depends on how much skin you're showing. I wore a lot of maxi dresses and skirts during the summer so I only needed to really cover my chest, arms and feet on a daily basis.

The consistency of this SPF is a liquid, which suits my dry skin very well. This is a chemical SPF that absorbs very easily into the skin, without being sticky or leaving any sunscreen-like purple tint. The Ultra-Fluid Body Lotion leaves my skin soft to the touch. It also has a very light scent unlike most SPFs I've tried so I really enjoy that this does not become your most dominant scent throughout the day. 

For my face of course I use a separate one, there are SPFs that you can use for body and face, but I typically use a dedicated sun protection for my face. That way I know it does not disrupt my skincare routine and it makes it easier to re-apply facial SPF over my foundtion. Some of my favourites are the Invisiblur from Murad, and the Dynamic Skin Recovery from Dermalogica.

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The bottle itself is small enough to put in your purse so its easy to re-apply. The cap is secured well so it doesn't spill out when held upside-down. I only wish it had more of a dropper-type dispenser (like an eye drop ) because it would give you more control and avoid it spilling anywhere. It wears nicely, it lasts long and leaves my skin feeling smooth. I've tried many SPFs before, at varying prices, but none has given me the skin-like feeling and ease as this one has. I will definitely be purchasing this in the future. 

Next is the SPF sidekick, this is the Antioxidant Hydra Gel from La Roche Posay. It retails on their website for $25.00 CAD. It is an Aloe Vera gel-like product applied after a day out in the sun to sooth and re-hydrate the skin.

It literally has a water-like feel with the consistency of a gel. It hydrates the skin so well and you can immediately see the difference in your skin. I especially love using this after a day at the beach or the pool as it instantly moisturizes the skin. The Antioxidant Hydra Gel has a very luxurious feeling when you rub it in and it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all (which is all the more reasons to love gel consistencies). Sometimes I forget to apply this over the skin as I typically just come home and hop in the shower, then follow my normal skin routine so I don't get the chance to use it everyday. When I do, I actually see a difference in my skin. 

While I do love the product, to be honest I feel as though you would get the same effect with good ol' Aloe Vera Gel, as it naturally, pretty much does the same thing. I personally love using sets, and this one came in a set with the SPF so I picked it up. If you want something that gives you a more luxurious feeling I would definitely recommend the Antioxidant Hydra Gel if you're in the market for an after sun hydrator. But if you're on a budget, then its safe to skip the gel and splurge on a good SPF. 

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