Club 20 podcast

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The club 20...

Club 20; based on the 27 Club phenomena; referring to the unusual number of popular musicians that have died at the age of 27,  is a podcast where we remember the lives of talented young artists that made a huge impact on the music industry. Although they may be gone, their contributions are never forgotten.

The Club 20 podcast is a musical documentary style commentary that highlights artists who have contributed to music industry who suffered a timely death in their prime. We dive deeper into the music industry uncovering some of the hard truths about making it big in Hollywood

It also recounts the troubles of life as people of colour, and women in the music industry during the 20th century as reflection on society; a reminder for actions we should avoid repeating today and an appreciation for the culture that it that rose from the ashes of oppression.

Our goal is to share with others some of the great musicians that lived and contributed to the world of music. Artists that were the original creators of many iconic songs today.

DISCLAIMER: This blog contains mature subject matter that some readers may find disturbing, such as drug and substance abuse, domestic violence and abuse, gang related violence, murder, homicide and more. Readers discretion is advised.