Week 5 UMC: Multimasking


We all know everybody's skin is different. Even those who share the same skin type, same skin complexion and even same genes can end up with different skin conditions and variation. But did you also know that at any given time, the skin on your entire face can have different needs?

For this reason, sometimes one mask all over your face just won't make the difference you want it to. This calls for multimasking! This is one of my favourite ways to get the goodness I need from a mask. For example, if only your cheeks are plagued with acne, why would you apply an acne fighting mask to your forehead? This will only make that area of skin unnecessarily dry and cause more problematic skin concerns. 

Look at your skin carefully, and decide what it needs. Now don't get too crazy. It's still one face so you don't want to overload your skin with products. A limit of 2-3 masks is a great happy medium.


Today I'm multimasking with 3 of my favourite masks. A DIY Green Tea and Aloe mask to give my under-eyes some much needed moisture and antioxidants. Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask on my T-Zone to clean my pores. And last but not least my Caudalie Paris Instant Detox Mask to clean out the congestion on my forehead and cheeks.


What are your favourite masks for multimasking?